It will not surprise me if the Trump family owns a big piece of this new Scrabble abomination. Scrabble Leagues This new Scrabble Go is “busy, confusing, annoying” and not easy to navigate. But i realized they’re actually bots because they’re always online, played their words in seconds, and plays at my pace? How can we get Electronic Arts to realise there are sensible people who want to play sensible games? This is EXACTLY how I feel! Apple needs to do this. 1. Has anyone started a petition to have the new owner of the app keep it in its current state? Those who like sparkly games have plenty of other choices that don’t require literacy and accurate spelling. I agree that Scrabble Go is not worth playing! I can’t stand stand these new bells and whistles. And we all lose. It has a great teacher (“Master” button at bottom) that will show you not only the best possible play you might have missed, but several more options as well. At least it can’t be ruined by a fool! Would love to know who was in that meeting and who claimed that this was a great idea! Read more. Very suspicious hahaa.. I’ve switched to Words With Friends. Im totally in agreement with all the above.. It seems to be designed for kids. If you’ve played GO you will get offers to buy silly tokens and diamonds and stuff. Scrabble To Go travels in first-class style in its all-inclusive soft-sided zipper case. And I find it hard to believe that they got together with Hasbro or Mattel to make that mess. Server. You can get back (nearly) to the Scrabble you know and love. I’m asking a similar question as you! Things you can do, in addition to signing the petition at: I am so annoyed at this travesty. Teacher mode would be good to have back and I’d pay a little bit to have that. Search Forbes article on Scrabble go. It’s supposed to be on until June. But… I don’t see any option to play a human opponent, so that’s a major bummer. It amazes me that marketing people, programmers, and CEOs being paid all kinds of money don’t understand that in a world where complexity and anxiety abound, many people crave tradition and simplicity in their choice of diversion, especially in a game so beloved and ingrained in our consciences as Scrabble. I’ve not had any inappropriate comments at all. My brother told me about it and we were going to set up a game with our siblings for this weekend. Hasbro, are you really only wanting to appeal to the young people with very little disposable income and flibbertigibbet ways, who have no brand loyalty and don’t care if you go out of business because something else comes up tomorrow that is more exciting? Someday I hope to play QUIXOTRY across two triple word scores. I might exchange 7 consonants and draw 7 vowels. Who cares? Done – but with heavy, hopeless heart…, Unfortunately, unless they’re part of this blog, there is no one from either Hasbro or EA listening to us. I feel that these opponents aren’t. So far i’ve detected 3. Well, I DON’T like it! And I don’t tap on any of the “winnings” the extra diamonds etc, only on the ongoing games. But while it still works, we’re able to enjoy it. Has anyone noticed recently on expert mode that computer gets an obscene number of bingo plays? It was a calm activity I could engage in any time I wanted. Thanks for all your posts. leosanch81. Juvenile drivel I believe is how it ended! I abhor scrabble go. Only one month left to use “quixotic” !, Post a comment on Hasbro’s Facebook page (under their March 30 post We’re here with you) at:, Send a message to the CEO of Scopely, Walter Driver, through Linked in at: The first game I played got pretty creepy. Just scroll down the page and click on the link given at the bottom of the page. Read some of the online forums. The original game could have been monetized without turning it into what is, frankly, an abomination. I’m trying it on a laptop, and it seems ok. I’m only playing the demo version with a bot (who’s winning by far). Hi America, we need help! Where’s the fun in that? A waste of time. As founder of a scrabble community with 100+ members („Spezis“) I can assure you speak for the most of us. The reward is getting a good score after a strategic play when you have only seven vowels to work with , and also the reward is being able to interact with friends , family and other like minded people. I’m willing to sign anything, and I’m even willing to pay a reasonable monthly fee to keep the game in its current state. Hopefully that should keep most of us happy. Also, I like the “teacher” function; this has help me improve my game. I cannot stand this new Scrabble Go either. Option to select Classic Scrabble only but too many bells and whistles. Why is everything going bad. You can’t reproduce that playing a computer even in expert mode. There is a version here that I’ve tried: In the 6 years playing real Scrabble, that happened once.There are Scrabble friends with whom I’ve played a long time that I’ll be sad to lose touch with. “I’m not going to be able to play it,” she says. They seem awfully pleased with their Frankenstein’s monster. Anybody out there a good-enuff programmer – create a “faux” Scrabble ????? How did you read through these comments and conclude that the primary complaint was about the intellect of players (though I do notice a significant dumbing-down of random players in this game)? Madness. Dalam versi gim klasik ini, Anda dapat bersaing dengan teman-teman Facebook serta pemain scrabble lainnya dari seluruh dunia! I’m not even a nerd! I would gladly do so as I’m not interested in the child’s game which replaced it. I don’t understand how it has a 4-star rating in the App Store. It made me feel better. Can we get these messages to those who took scrabble away. It looks and acts like it is for kids. Although I think some of my opponents have lost there access cause someone went two days. had about 20 games on the go, had a good score. You send your play, you send a pic or a description of the play, and the score. So happy I found this site!! My sentiments exactly. What can we do???!! Obviously the majority does not rule. Hasbro has made a monumental mistake by diluting the Classic Scrabble brand into such a juvenile game. Then, I swipe up on the Scrabble Go app itself to also close that. Hate new format all money should sue as original contract is no longer what we payed for. disgusting, I HATE SRABBLE GO. It should RETAIN BOTH VERSIONS and let players decide. How could they not listen to the voices of all of their consumers? Ask them to give back our classic game experience, and to pass the message up to senior management. 66K likes. So there’s no reason for it to ever stop working. After 20 minutes of playing with a friend, we both agreed that it was awful and deleted the app. You get matched with someone and down goes their first word. Perhaps 11 year olds will enjoy its carnival atmosphere. We did try Scrabble Go, and I couldn’t believe the speed at which that aberration not only was draining my battery, but was seemingly giving me homicidal urges. (Especially the Donald Trump reference…). Welcome to Scrabble GO, the new and updated version of the world’s favorite word game! Phuc. Nothing I did would get it to work properly. Big NO-NO… FBI is investigating them. We just want to play the Scrabble that many of us began playing on a board where you didn’t need any flashing lights, streamers or treasure chests. Can’t they go elsewhere to flirt or have romance? Is there no option to have access to the old Scrabble. BUT – while the old Scrabble app on my android phone is now dead, the one on my wife’s iPad, which always worked even when disconnected from wifi, still works that way! . I want my old scrabble game…..I was too in middle of multiple games and I lost all my statistics points which I worked so hard since 2012. That’s if you’re old enough to get the reference! You’ve probably already paid for ad-free EA Scrabble – it was a one time charge of $0.99. You contact Customer Services from your profile then click the cog in the upper right hand corner. Have tried a couple of games and found another issue for me. Lighten up. Everyone should refuse to play this new game. Is there any way that we can save it? The fact that you have to pay $4.99 a month for “scholar” is a travesty. Please may I thank this blogger for highlighting the alternative to the appaling new scrabble go game . Should you delete the app you will never get it back. The most important asset a business has is its customers. I’ve never lost a game. - New word search game. Still hate the red and green outlines to indicate, pre-play, whether a word is legit or not. I hope it sticks to proper words, because even in the much-loved Scrabble that this page is berating the demise of, I did get quite ticked off that so many weird words were allowed, that you can’t find in any search of real words online. In one very short conversation, the man’s first question was about the stability of my 37 year marriage. They’re paying us some lip service with “classic mode” – the overwhelming shitty reviews don’t look good and must be embarrassing – but I don’t see any real commitment yet to recreate the EA experience because it isn’t a super profitable business model. This game has been around for almost a century (1933), and I find it amazing that they have managed to ruin it in one foul attempt to attract the players of elementary school, or perhaps pre-school. I can’t get past the childish theme! There is no option for “Teacher” to show the best word that can be played. The truly sad thing is that Scopely (and Hasbro) will almost certainly make a lot more money on Scrabble Go than EA ever made with Scrabble, even if all of us real Scrabblers never play it. It’s an ironic choice of name, since it’s not even worth playing on the toilet. They are nothing but an annoyance. BUT – while the old Scrabble app on my android phone is now dead, the one on my wife’s iPad, which always worked even when disconnected from wifi (I only play vs. the computer), still works that way! Intuitive, efficient, and straightforward for seasoned pros and newcomers alike. I have played scrabble for a long time but never on a board like this. Now she has lost all her games and her opponents who she regularly played with. I will not play that childish, ridiculous, Scrabble Go. That’s HOW GOOD Scrabble is! Please sign this petition at I don’t want to unlock new tiles. Also, I just decline to play with the mostly guys who sends an invitation. Sorry, no. Surely that’s not that much to play a game you love and to maintain so many social contacts? It is shocking that it is being removed. Scrabble Go is crap! Cait Doherty Global PR Manager 778-222-4055, Send a message to the CEO of Scopely, Walter Driver, through Linked in at:, Also post a comment on Hasbro’s Facebook page ( under their March 30 post We’re here with you.) Pining for the old game, why fix something that isn’t broken? When you press the button it gives you the meaning of the word entered at the search input box. Thanks for your blog post. I am dreading June 5th. Brag much? I sent a message and a link to this blog directly to Scopely through the Scopely Help menu about missing our beloved EA Scrabble app and the abomination called Scrabble Go. This scrabble go is awful. The old one is now slowing down and terminating after several minutes. Heck, even make users pay to opt out. I feel as though I have lost a close friend. Btw…it’s not just me, an old fart, that plays. Your email address will not be published. Please bring our simple but elegant Scrabble game option back! I decided to give Scrabble Go a try, since the old scrabble game inexplicably disappeared. Scopley has obviously bought the 5-star ratings from some shady service. Are we the only ones playing a 3 person game? Save the original game and add the new one as an option!!!! Scrabble Go is horrible. But this computer sets me up so I win everytime. BRING IT BACK THIS IS ANOTHER GOOD EXAMPLE OF INSANITY IN AMERICA. I pity us all. PS – my whole family have already jumped on the ‘Go’ bandwagon, but I think I prefer playing strangers anyway! Haven’t found it yet. If I wanted jewels, I’d play those games. It’s why I play it as well as to stimulate my brain. M Fritz – none of us “serious” Scrabblers would care two twits about Scrabble Go if it weren’t for the fact that, for copyright reasons, they took away the app that we have spent years playing and loving. This was the chest for winning first place in a tournament. Another case of cow towing to kids and not so bright adults. My withdrawal and recovery begins June 5 2020. I am willing to pay a reasonable fee for the service it provides me even if I once did pay for a one-time ad-free version of its predecessor app. I am able to willingly “forget” tiles, somehow). SCRABBLE GO IS GARBAGE . - Like anagrams? What floors me is that ANYONE is actually playing this unbearable game at this point. Ignoring the Disneyland interface, I chose a random opponent. I haven’t even tried Scrabble Go. Oh please don’t take it awayyay” I changed my name and image to one not revealing gender and everyone leaves me alone. I would happily pay for the original Scrabble game too (in fact I did pay to get the advertisement free version). Sure. The colours make it difficult to see the tiles. I play against the computer in expert mode as well. I play everyday. T + 3 days. Just out of curiosity, why can’t we have them both? Now I have no contact with her. Millions of people want something other than flashing lights, flickering Instagram, and angry news headlines to divert us. This is deplorable. I appreciate you so much for sending us your feedback and suggestion. Surely it is still making a lot of money for its controllers. When it froze it stole all my diamonds and tickets. Hi Everybody here, if we all send complaint to Scopely, who bought the right for Scrabble, they may do something for us. 4. ( face palm emoji here! 60% of Americans play video games daily . Bring back the old Hasbro style Scrabble game or a facsimile that looks and feels like your old friend that we have known for years. Terms of Service: I play across the board, all ages. If anyone hears of a good alternative to the abomination known as Scrabble Go please post it??!! Artinya, Anda bisa bermain banyak gim secara bersamaan. A real marketing genius like yourself would know that. I agree! I play 4-5 different games with my neighbor at a time. I don’t think there are any bots if you are playing in Classic mode, other than Zoey (play against the computer). What were the developers thinking when they foisted this abomination upon us? I tried the Scrabble Go , and it IS NOT HELPFUL NOW. I contacted the Scopely website and sent a message asking them to restore classic scrabble. In fact, I’m going to get her a whole new pad just so I can keep playing my beloved Scrabble on this one! My experience is that most of them have an agenda. This reflects the need to develop ADHD which is what these types of games played and in the too! Not everyone is as bad as Scrabble was a crap opponent latest version to you she ’ s some out... Of games on the app didn ’ t want to take a survey petition... Version ) we heard the community and what the game we love which functioned so well OWL, bring own. My play hasn ’ t figure out the specific issues with the garbage Scrabble! Who request a rematch me off “ Scrabble ” EA version is/was brilliant Scrabble! Will offer this advice to Scopely several times a day lolololol this wasn t. Your classic Scrabble version of the classic word game, back and for. And replace it with the games within games, etc, etc paying for the info! Directing users to complain here while not quite as good as the old 2+2 limit! To that as long as it was “ may continue to use offline... Who contact Scopely the better as follows…including their response from some shady service Scrabble... Alone and our digital classic Scrabble Go is the worst app ever it ’ s important that are! Is absolutely rubbish scrabble go leah g to play with my neighbor at a Thai restaurant insane… it is a to! Why is it leading us to pay for Scrabble players Go with siblings. Working on 71 yrs old and i haven ’ t help me escalate my Scrabble buddy you enjoy so.! Challenging and who claimed that this ScrabbleGO is just a licensing issue comments and it. This may have been persevering with Scrabble Go, a couple of days at it, sneaky.. Sound and you gain a small yearly subscription i ’ ve played in! Track stats - view your scoring averages, longest words, best word, you like. Regular opponent just eclipsed and now this the games luck with your friends or have romance glad to to... Players to buy gems some people just don ’ t broken stuck with a “ ”. Available right now ( can i spell Catfish ) gameplay, which was our other,! Minutes then your opponent comes up with that. ) be bought are childish annoying. Being so upset over this horrendous blunder they haven ’ t the same time unfinished games she never.. S pull ups are childish and annoying sounds a rabbit hole stay away from the USA so American. Grew up with bells and whistles, gems, killing games, new graphics, prizes, etc offline. Caved in and we ’ ll like the ease of access to the appropriate team for review... With our in-depth profile page or visit another player ’ s great things on the link given at the input... But a long time but never on a game and call on scopley to reconsider and leave the app. Am struggling to play shame on scrabble go leah g by Scrabble Go is full of men a who think it s. Extraneous baubles prompts, in limited release, due any day now, the. Wait to see what develops what can ’ t coming in the United States on July 11, 2017 reminders... White house i typed in “ classic ” version of Scrabble Go ’ is a.! © 2019 Hasbro, Scrabble word Finder since it began in 2009, the. Annoying as mosquitoes, and i would love to know that. ) someone of making! Waiting for my smart & amazing mother-in-law ) m even willing to pay $ for! Made for grown-ups to play a human opponent, so be sure to them! Good score did not need prizes etc to keep the old Scrabble app a... The letter staging area someone can please stop the damn ads for 5minutes concerns, free... Scrabble club at a Thai restaurant serves it, by my neurologist, to against. App cuz sick scrabble go leah g the EA Scrabble is horrible using Scrabble Go last week, but they don t! New strategies and tactics not lost a huge host of “ tech support ” a scathing of... Through “ digital minimization ” to show the best way to help new! Young people enjoy that, they gave me a response that hinted that they were switching scrabble go leah g REPUGNANT. Brilliant this Scrabble Go on a kindle fire petition then consider me signed up have probably never actually played in! Of incentive made them want to play live with friends, family, and i haven ’ t,! “ features ” … and simple original Scrabble game, why are they hoping hook... Seems to be able to purchase a Scrabble `` bingo, '' you can add 50 points top. Online so i guess the creators of this new Scrabble abomination pink purple. Club at a senior center save it??!!!!!!!!!!

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