! You can use REAL crab meat if you want. It’s basically the bologna of seafood. And yes, I still like crab. In a large bowl, combine the pasta, crab, peas, broccoli, green pepper and onions. Little did I know, I was eating FAKE crab. Combine with the yogurt, sour cream, lemon juice, sugar and salt. I like serving salads like this in lettuce cups to keep things gluten free. This imitation crab salad is perfect in the summer time. « White Cannellini Bean Dip (w/ Sauteed Garlic), Sweet Empanadas With Cherry Cheesecake Filling ». I recommend dicing the onion and celery fairly small to get a bit of crunch for texture, without distractedly large pieces in each forkful. Imitation Crab Salad Recipe. Required fields are marked *. Perfect for lunch, dinner, or a protein-based snack. Great video in your recipe!! Reser’s Seafood Salad is a tasty blend of creamy and crunchy with chunks of imitation crabmeat, chopped celery, and white onion, lightly dressed with a tangy mayonnaise dressing. Even better than the one you can get at the deli! Rather than use crackers, we had this for lunch. Gradually add olive oil, stirring until combined. Just updated it based on using full fat Greek yogurt. Combine the mayonnaise, salad dressing and Parmesan cheese; pour over pasta mixture and toss to coat. I wanted something without all the mayo typically found, and the simplicity of these ingredients inspired me. Stir gently to combine. Learn how to cook great Imitation crab salad with mayonnaise . It’s not. I do not know the individual serving size but this recipe is meant for 6 people. Instead, this crab salad is made with yogurt, sour cream and fresh herbs! Read more... As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. You’ll also find health information to live your best life, as well as healthy dining and travel options when exploring Los Angeles and the rest of the world. Imitation Crab And Canned Corn Salad Recipe You know that feeling when you discover a new recipe that you can't wait to make again? We have a decent selection of crab in the states, but I always make sure it's wild caught and sustainable. No. It wasn't until recently that I did my research on what imitation crab actually is.  I was a bit afraid to find out... Fortunately, imitation crab is actual seafood...just not CRAB. In Japan, the original salad is called the kanikama salad … Ideal for those hot summer days. Get one of our Imitation crab salad with mayonnaise recipe and prepare delicious and healthy treat for your family or friends. A colorful salad featuring imitation crab and crunchy vegetables in a mayonnaise-based dressing. The Best Imitation Crab Salad Without Mayo Recipes on Yummly | Fresh Black-eyed Pea And Crab Stick Salad, Salad For A Day At The Beach, Seafood Paella Serve in lettuce cups, over salad, on crackers, cucumber rounds, as a sandwich filling... the options … It's perfect all year long and the ingredients are easy to find. Really, crab ANYTHING is perfect in the summer! Recipe Imitation Crab Salad. So I figured, lets try another appetizer without mayo. Seafood Watch to make sure whatever fish or seafood I'm buying is a good choice. This imitation crab salad is out of this world! Just make sure you get the jumbo lump crab meat! Good appetite! This post may contain affiliate links. Instead, I use creamy Greek yogurt and a little sour cream! Combine crab with vinaigrette and mix well. This salad is a healthier version than most crab salad recipes because it's made. Old Bay (add more if necessary) 1/4 c. mayonnaise It’s light, creamy, sweet, crunchy and savory. That's this recipe! What I love most about imitation crab is how well it holds its shape. Hey, it’s not actually crab! Instead, I used Greek yogurt and sour cream. Fold in the cucumber and avocado. Looks delicious!! I lived in Baltimore for over 10 year and even had the experience of working in a crab house. The combination is so tasty especially when mixed with the fresh herbs and lemon juice. You could always use mayo if you please but personally, I like it better when it is NOT straight mayo. It was really delicious and tastes JUST like real crab! It's made with imitation crab meat which makes this recipe super AFFORDABLE because we all know that crab is super expensive!! Some recipes will call for carrots, mangoes, sesame seeds and Panko crumbs. 1 lb. Then, some coloring and sodium is added to amp up the flavor and make it look more "crab-like". The lumps will break easily if your not gentle with it.

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